Registration For New Era Women Convention

This inaugural Women Summit has been planned together with Peace & Cohesion Seminar and
Health Summit at the Catholic University Conference Centre under the umbrella of Leadership &
Business Convention. A representative each from:
 National government
 County governments
 State Agencies
 Political Leadership
 Academia
 Captainship of Industry
 Role Models
 Women Organisations
 Women Groups
 Civil Society
Will address this inaugural Summit.
Please contact our account manager assigned to you or the following phone numbers 0722-
426160, 0722-987193 & 0733-228055 to guide you how to participate in these historic events.

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    KEY Objectives

    The only platform that showcases the best of Kenyan Healthcare
    An opportunity to promote technological advancements and services available in Kenya
    To know the Achievements and Challenges of the
    Health Sector at National and County levels under the 10 Years of Devolution.
    To know the Contribution of the
    Private Sector Stakeholders to the Overall Status of the Sector during the 10 Years of Devolution.
    Recognise Significant Contributions
    of Individuals and Corporate Actors to the Sector during the period under review.
    Create a Partnership
    of Stakeholders to Advance the Ideals of Kenya Healthcare Convention.

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    Phone: +254 722 987 193