Speakers & Program

Broad programme of the two-day Convention include:

•• Getting to know and interact with Health Leadership in both National and County governments, an opportunity for Health Leadership to meet Private Sector Stakeholders.
•• Interrogation of the Kenya Kwanza Administration Health Manifesto which has a raft of far-reaching             recommendations for the sector.
•• A Reflection of a Decade of Devolved Health as the country prepares to Review her Milestones of a Decade of Devolution in Health next year.
•• Evaluation of the Supply Chain of Medical Commodities under KEMSA – Opportunities and Challenges.
•• Evaluation of Domestic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity – Opportunities and Challenges.
•• Launch of Health Recognition Awards Scheme aimed at Improving Healthcare Service Delivery and proper Utilization of Public Resources.
•• Review the Progress Kenya is making towards achieving her quest for Regional Medical Tourism Hub & Health Investment Destination.

KEY Objectives

The only platform that showcases the best of Kenyan Healthcare
An opportunity to promote technological advancements and services available in Kenya
To know the Achievements and Challenges of the
Health Sector at National and County levels under the 10 Years of Devolution.
To know the Contribution of the
Private Sector Stakeholders to the Overall Status of the Sector during the 10 Years of Devolution.
Recognise Significant Contributions
of Individuals and Corporate Actors to the Sector during the period under review.
Create a Partnership
of Stakeholders to Advance the Ideals of Kenya Healthcare Convention.

Organized by:

Email: convention@healthcareinkenya.com
Phone: +254 722 987 193